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In the world of cryptocurrency, everyone wants to gain heavily. While gaining is totally dependent on purchasing the right coin, it’s actually very different to indeed purchasing the right coin.
There are lots of crypto projects out there that can help you double your revenue in a very short time. These three crypto projects specifically might make you a lot of money if you buy in the bear market.
Immunicorn (IMU) is a fantastic new cryptocurrency that has devised an amazing means to come in and solve a lot of problems facing the crypto world today.
There are quite a number of tokens in the online world that are versatile enough to offer lending and borrowing services and IMU is one of them.
Immunicorn had made plans to be completely run by a DAO community. In this ecosystem members of its community will be able to get massive profits by receiving some portion of the tokens when power is being allocated.
Immunicorn is planning to ensure that minters get the biggest benefits any Investor can ask of, which is a stable price. To get started, minters have to commit some capital upfront. With this, they are then assured of a fixed return that is set to be due at a particular point in time.

This makes it extremely easy for minters to get access to unique benefits from a good token rise. Also, it’s important to note that users in this ecosystem will be able to access vast liquidity pools from major coins like ETH and even BNB.
Usually, they end up creating a derivative after each transaction, making sure the deposited amount is either redeemed, stored, or even traded. Ultimately, this means that even when an asset is still locked in a particular pool, users can still access its profit as a derivative token.
Although, once you sell the IMU token, the ownership of the said amount is lost to the real owner of the derivative token.
Chiliz is a fantastic coin that’s been helping crypto lovers who enjoy sports something to cheer about. Because of its amazing use case, this coin has soared in adoption since its emergence in 2018.
Chiliz came into the crypto scene with the aim of helping different sports brands get access to their fans by offering impressive valuables like NFTs.
Ultimately, any sports brand worldwide that aims to become a part of the crypto world has to go through Chiliz. That’s how powerful it has become.
With this everlasting use case of creating a bridge between sports fans and their favorite teams, CHZ is set to do more than a 100% rise soon. Make sure you don’t miss out.
The ADA token is an impressive token that’s been helping innovators and developers whose dream is to change the world, do so.
Cardano’s ultimate act is to take power from various agencies that are extremely unreliable and share the power with trusted individuals. This is carried out to make sure there is some sort of accountability and transparency.
Cardano was created in 2017 and has done a great job helping users in the crypto world enjoy impressive services such as the cryptoverse. The coin was named after a well-known scholar, Gerolamo Cardano. Its native coin was also named after a very popular scholar called by the name of Ada Lovelace.
Because of its impressive architecture, Cardano is able to give its users access to network operations that are quite unique.
Crypto enthusiasts believe that these tokens might come to scale very high soon due to its numerous great offerings. For IMU’s presale, a 100% rise is almost guaranteed.

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