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Cardano became the preferred choice for a leading telemedicine platform called Citaldoc which enables people to find health professionals and make online medical appointments. 
According to the official statement, the platform has reportedly started testing Cardano’s native token ADA for the payment module of its healthcare services.
As seen in the screenshot, a test transaction for 10,000 ADA was successfully carried out on the Cardano testnet. A little 0.0017% fee was added to the transaction.

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Cardano Drives Crypto Adoption In This E-Health Platform  3

Representatives of Citaldoc emphasized that this milestone is “emotional” for them because crypto integration is crucial for Citaldoc’s accessibility to both current and prospective customers.
With over 650,000 potential patients and its headquarters in Buenos Aires, Citaldoc is one of the most popular telemedicine programs in Latin America. Its design incorporates information from ADA testing.
Cardano gained significant traction following its Vasil upgrade as evidenced by its adoption across a wide range of digital platforms. Last month, the token scored entry in SwissBorg, a Switzerland-based crypto investment solution.
As covered by TronWeekly, ADA was also picked up by the Japanese wing of one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, OKCoin to start spot trading of the token against Japan’s national currency, the yen.
Similarly, the asset went live as a collateral cryptocurrency on the futures platform of the US-based trading platform Kraken.
Less than a month ago, the token landed in the world’s leading dApp analytics platform DappRadar. Announcing the same via Twitter, the Lithuania-based service, urged developers who are working on Cardano to submit their contracts.

Cardano’s On-Chain Metric Predicts ADA’s Value

ADA’s usability got a further boost when it gained access to the Ethereum Virtual Machine [EVM] through a blockchain interoperability service called Milkomeda bringing Eth dApps into the PoS ecosystem.
On-chain data aggregator, Santiment, the other day, highlighted a key on-chain metric that showed signs of undervaluation as its relative position compared to its realized value recorded the lowest since Jan 2019.
The MVRV-Z score [market-value-to-realized-value] is the difference between the market capitalization & realized value. ADA’s MVR-Z score for the first time in almost four years plummeted to a negative 1.35, indicating that the asset is highly undervalued.
Santiment added that ADA’s price increased over the following three months the previous time the MVRV Z-Score reached this level.

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