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Crypto influencer FatMan Terra took it upon himself to educate the crypto community of scams and bogus investment schemes. He gathered over $100,000 worth of Bitcoin from crypto investments looking to buy into his ‘made-up’ investment scheme.
Inspired by Lady of Crypto, a while ago I pitched my own investment scheme to Twitter…

In two hours, I received over one hundred DMs. I raised 3.45 BTC from Twitter and 2 BTC from Discord – over $100k, with more requests flooding in by the minute.

But there's a little twist.
The influencer pitched a fake investment scheme to his followers on Twitter yesterday, which said that he had received “access to a high-yield BTC farm based on a private carry trade”. 
Within a few hours of his Tweet, FatMan announced that he had received over one hundred DMs. He had also managed to raise 3.45 BTC from Twitter and 2 BTC from Discord (over 100K in total).
FatMan also revealed that his investment scheme was fake all along and he had simply made it up as an educational lesson.
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“I want to send a clear, strong message to everyone in the crypto world — anyone offering to hand you free money is lying. It simply doesn’t exist. Your favorite influencer selling you quick money trading coaching or offering a golden investment opportunity is scamming you,” he said.
FatMan Terra said that he has refunded all the money he received and reiterated that “Risk-free high yields don’t exist”.
FatMan Terra also said that his fake crypto scheme was inspired by the Lady of Crypto Twitter account, which has been accused of shilling questionable investment schemes to its 257,500 followers.
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