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We are now entering autumn, a season where leaves fall, the weather is cold, and the cryptocurrency market is historically performing at its best. Bitcoin (BTC) is an example of this, reaching its all-time high of over $68,000 in November 2021. So, which cryptocurrencies do experts think will perform well this autumn?
Avalanche (AVAX) and Dogecoin (DOGE) are two established cryptocurrencies that have provided substantial returns for their communities, making some users millionaires in a short period. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) looks to replicate the success of these crypto giants, raising $8 million in its highly-anticipated presale at the time of writing.
Big Eyes Coin has ambitious goals to shift wealth into the DeFi ecosystem while contributing heavily to ocean conservation efforts. Plastic pollution and overfishing are harming marine life, with experts predicting ocean life extinction by 2600. To challenge this, Big Eyes Coin has created a dedicated charity wallet holding 5% of its tokens, specifically for ocean sanctuaries.
Big Eyes Coin’s goal is to stand out. It doesn’t want to be known as just a regular meme coin. That is why it has moved away from the dog-themed coins usually associated with meme coins. Instead, Big Eyes Coin has adopted a cute cat as its mascot, appealing to the growing population of Anime consumers. Reportedly, 40-60% of the world’s population consumes Anime or Manga in some way.
Big Eyes Coin could prove a fruitful addition to your portfolio due to its ambitions for the future. It aims to have an NFT collection in the top ten projects while adding utility to the Big Eyes NFTs. Big Eyes NFT holders can use the NFTs to access clubs and events, including the Big Eyes Sushi Crew!
Because Dogecoin has little utility, its success relies heavily on the hype and FOMO generated around the platform. Hype is generated by the Dogecoin community, with high-profile figures like Elon Musk contributing to Dogecoin’s success.
Elon Musk has routinely tweeted his support for Dogecoin to his 100 million followers on Twitter. Each endorsement that Dogecoin receives from Elon Musk results in a price spike. When Elon Musk revealed that Tesla, the company of which he is CEO, would accept Dogecoin as payment for merchandise, Dogecoin soared by 15%.
Although Dogecoin is no longer at the level it was in 2021. It shows its ability to fluctuate in price through bear and bull markets. Dogecoin’s price volatility allows users to seize the ‘buy the dip’ opportunity, potentially resulting in substantial returns in the future.

Avalanche joined an exclusive group of cryptocurrencies in November 2021, becoming carbon neutral through its energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. Because of its PoS consensus, Avalanche can reach up to 4,500 transactions per second, solving the scalability problem in the blockchain trilemma.
Additionally, Avalanche has committed to being a deflationary currency. Avalanche collects fees from various actions and then sends the coins to be burned. A deflationary model is often linked with price stability in cryptocurrency, making Avalanche ideal for those pursuing long-term trades.
Considering cryptocurrencies usually perform at their best during this season, Avalanche could surge in value. The crypto giant has already increased its market capitalisation by 3.17% in twenty-four hours. Could Avalanche follow the same path as Bitcoin in November 2021?
Dogecoin and Avalanche have provided fruitful returns for their users in the past, helping some become millionaires. However, Big Eyes Coin has generated so much hype around the platform, evident through its successful presale. The new meme coin could compete with Dogecoin and Avalanche with returns in the future as the platform keeps gaining traction.
Big Eyes Coin is offering users the chance to claim bonus tokens through its presale. If you purchase BIG using the code ‘BEYES777’ you can claim bonus tokens with your order!
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