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Considering the volatility of cryptocurrencies, the digital assets started on a note that made many skeptical about investing in them. However, despite current market conditions, quite a large percentage of people are still heavily invested in the asset class.
Cryptocurrencies have grown to become a crucial part of the current financial system globally. They’ve become so mainstream that there is always one or more news on your timeline about new partnerships with top companies.
Near Protocol (NEAR) is a crypto project that recently secured a partnership with google clouds, and the network has succeeded in getting a lot of positive energy for its community. And Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new cryptocurrency looking to bring in more money and people into DeFi. Alongside Cardano(ADA), the biggest third-generation blockchain system, these cryptocurrencies look promising for 2022 and could do some large numbers for investors before the year ends.
Cardano(ADA) is a layer 1 blockchain and a third-generation cryptocurrency designed to be a scalable and more efficient alternative to other networks. It runs on a PoS consensus mechanism called the Ouroboros, the first proof of stake (PoS) protocol developed to lessen the energy consumption and efficiency issues associated with proof of work (PoW) systems.
Cardano aims to be a platform where decentralized applications can build and improve without having issues of scalability. Its smart contract access also helps users manage numerous assets and have better experiences. Cardano recently launched its vasil hard fork upgrade, aiming to improve functionality and scale beyond its competitors.
Near protocol(NEAR) is a blockchain system designed to help developers build and launch their decentralized applications on a scalable ground. NEAR functions similarly to other centralized data storage platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), which act as the foundation upon which applications are constructed. However, NEAR is run and maintained by a distributed network of computers rather than a single entity.
Near protocol recently announced a collaboration with Google clouds to assist developers in the network scale their dApps. The news was exciting for the community as it would help improve innovations and bring more people into the network and the blockchain ecosystem.

Big eyes coin(BIG) is a new meme coin to launch on the Ethereum blockchain. Big eyes coin has gone through 5 stages of successful presales, currently in the 5th and getting ever closer to launch.
The project has gathered massive momentum since presale, and it is well on its way to being the biggest meme coin in 2022. Some experts even say big eyes could be the coin to kickstart the next bull run, as we’ve seen with meme coins like DOGE in the past.
Big eyes coin is a cat-themed meme coin looking to transform the current meme coin narrative and bring more money into DeFi. The project intends to create a cat meme coin with DeFi utilities and some actual relevance for users.
Big eyes has presented itself as a project that no investor should miss in 2022, and seeing that it is currently on presale, there is still an opening for you to jump on the bandwagon. Buy the BIG token on presale here.

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